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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Sep 30, 2022

Hello there,

Welcome to the 5th and final instalment of our Making of an Album series. Andy and Nick continue where they left off last time.

You can buy the album that was the result of this endeavour right here on bandcamp

This is the final part of our year...

Sep 23, 2022

Here's Tom with the Weather by Cosmic Bos
A tribute to the late, great Bill Hicks
Taken from Cosmic Bos Judges Choice Award Winning Album
2 A.M, it's Mission Time
Available now everywhere, but especially on band camp where you can support Cosmic Bos by buying a copy

Buy the album on bandcamp here

This song is part of...

Sep 16, 2022

Patient Mystery - Cosmic Bos (Official Music Video)

from the Judges choice award winning album

2 A.M, it's Mission Time

Essentially this video is like a family holiday video, set to a song from our award winning album, Baby Theo returns to the spotlight for...

Sep 9, 2022

Bards for Hire - Cosmic Bos
Taken from the album 2 A.M, it's Mission Time
Which picked up a Judges Choice Award in the Lights and Lines Album in a Month Challenge 2022
Bandcamp link -

This song is all about us, Cosmic Bos, and how we are available for hire for...