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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Feb 24, 2023

Hello friends,

We are getting close to the end of Feb and the next hashtag for the Monthly Music Challenge, get your #Escape songs in before 3rd March for a chance to be played on this very podcast.

You can also submit #Freedom songs, 


and #StandOut tracks too, there is another hashtag for Feb coming today. 



Feb 17, 2023

But What Does Freedom Mean? By @CosmicBos  
Made for the @musicweeklies  #freedom challenge

I went with a serious tone this time, choosing to ponder the question

what does freedom mean?

Big shout outs to the legends Russell Brand  and  Duncan Truffles for being amazing question askers and journeyers through the mind,...

Feb 10, 2023

Hello friends,

So the Monthly Music Challenge is well on it's way now, into the second hashtag (#Escape if you weren't aware), and the challenge is coming to a close for the music makers of the Music Weeklies, there has been some excellent submissions to the MMC from that bunch (looking at you Trench Gun), and all you...

Feb 5, 2023

Welcome to the Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Episode 1.1 - New Beginnings

@CosmicBos have a wonderful show for you here, the opening tracks to some potentially groundbreaking albums, 17 songs on the slate from a plethora of music makers. 

Nick and Andy take you through the New Beginnings songs, and Spoiler...

Feb 4, 2023

Hello friends,

So here is Nude Beginnings - our submission to the Monthly Music Challenge for the #NewBeginnings 

This is the first one of the year, and the first one of the whole thing, so we put effort into making what is hopefully a fun opening track to our eventual MMC1 full album.

Hear other musicians...