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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Feb 26, 2022

Astral Underwear - Cosmic Bos

From the upcoming album

Improv Squared - Petit Champignon de Lumiere 

Andy and Nick created this song using improvisation layering, the beat, bass and synth were played in first round, then vocals and more synth, then backing vocals. Filming each round, the video was made by boxing up the performance and overlaying some stock footage.

The lyric was prewritten by Andy in the Book of Songs (or BoS as we call it) and it reads a little something like this...


Sitting still, at a desk, with a tie flopped on my chest
Counting seconds, lunchtime beacons, need the valuable rest
It’s hard on the knees, with legs lazy as these
Every movement, needs improvement, I won’t pass the test

But who cares?
The outside world is cruel and unfair
They stare
But no-one can see my astral underwear
I’m here
And simultaneously everywhere
I’m this
And everything else in between

Sit around, from sat to seated, shower, bed, repeat repeated
Counting days, rest is coming, long time been defeated
It’s hard on the head, cycling, work, home, bed
These energy levels are vastly depleted
Oh these energy levels are vastly depleted

But who cares?
The social world is cruel and unfair
Don’t share
Your invincible astral underwear
You’re here
Whilst simultaneously everywhere
Your you
And everything you ever want to do

While in astral clothing
Banish self loathing
Become anything you desire

Guarantee it will suit you
From flower to cashew
Be seagull, be water, be fire

Be anything you can desire
Be anything you can desire


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