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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Jan 1, 2021

Cosmic Bos Improv-Revisation podcast, Season 2 (2020) consisted of 7 improv albums, 1 acoustic songbook album, 19 music videos and a 7 part documentary.

Jethro and Jeffrey (with the assistance of Nick) look back over the best songs from the second season of this experimental improv music comedy podcast, with a whopping 27 tracks, it's a party in podcast form. So grab a fresh leaf and a spoonful of honey, it's improv music time.


  1. Focus
  2. Unjustly
  3. Infinite Possibility Club
  4. Quite Likely
  5. The Maja Saga pt.1 - Escape Plan
  6. The Maja Saga pt.2 - On the Run
  7. The Maja Saga pt.3 - Captured, Again?
  8. Elevate a Little
  9. Passe Patterns
  10. All Weather Umbrella
  11. Flashes
  12. Having Words With Nature
  13. Overreacting
  14. Tuned In
  15. Who Invited You?
  16. Get Up to Get Down
  17. Let's Go Dancing
  18. Einstein on my Mind
  19. Ecstacy
  20. Make Believe
  21. Boatman
  22. Time
  23. Hard Times
  24. Ode to Brackleys Bricklayers
  25. Gravity
  26. A Tarot Tale
  27. Road Trip

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