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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Dec 30, 2021

Cosmic Bos 

Best of Season 3 (2021)


  1. Space Babies (Virtual Normality version)
  2. Waiting (ft. Anya Louisa)
  3. Aim (ft. Anya Louisa)
  4. Witching Hour (ft. Anya Louisa)
  5. Like Minded
  6. Perplexed
  7. Bad Decisions
  8. Intentionally
  9. Feel the World
  10. Take it Easier
  11. Space Babies (improv version)
  12. Rainbow Appearing
  13. Hold on a Little Longer
  14. Stay Inside (ft. Texmex Shaman)
  15. Ignore the Alarm
  16. Broken by Desire
  17. Brand New
  18. Ride Another Wave

18 songs from the 67 we released in 2021. 6 albums, all available in full on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, even in this very podcast feed. Although some of them have chatter in between the songs, just like this best of.

What a wonderful year of musical creativity it has been, most of these songs have videos to go with them, plenty can be found in our podcast feed, or on youtube.

Big shout out to Joe Philogene, he has made this year of music what it was, and another big shout out to Theodore Jackson, the Theodorable star of several of our videos.

See ya later 2021, hello 2022!

Thanks for listening, we truly appreciate it.

Peace and infinite love

Cosmic Bos