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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

May 4, 2024

Hello dear friend, welcome to the Monthly Music Challenge podcast with your hosts Cosmic Bos.

This episode is MMC 2.4 - Animals

For the fourth theme of the second year of the monthly music challenge, it felt only natural to come back down from Space (MMC 2.3 - Intergalactic) and go and spend some time with nature,...

Mar 2, 2024

Hello there! How are you?

Welcome to the Monthly Music Challenge podcast with your hosts, Cosmic Bos.

Here, I, David Battenberg cake, would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to this extra special episode of the Monthly Music Challenge podcast, all about me, David Battenberg cake, or, more specifically,...

Jan 7, 2024

Hello Music fans,

Welcome to a special presentation podcast by the hosts of the Monthly Music Challenge, Cosmic Bos (one S). Although this is the podcast feed for the MMC, it is also the place that Cosmic Bos put their special presentations and some other guff, like, if they want to chat about something for some...

Oct 31, 2022

Hurricane Came by Cosmic Bos

Taken from our album 2 A.M, it's Mission Time

Available in all good bookstores

And on bandcamp - Bandcamp Album Link

This is the 10th video released from our album that we made in a month. This was also one of the first songs written, as it was an improv squared piece of music that we were...

Sep 23, 2022

Here's Tom with the Weather by Cosmic Bos
A tribute to the late, great Bill Hicks
Taken from Cosmic Bos Judges Choice Award Winning Album
2 A.M, it's Mission Time
Available now everywhere, but especially on band camp where you can support Cosmic Bos by buying a copy

Buy the album on bandcamp here

This song is part of...