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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Apr 13, 2024

Welcome to the Extra part of the Monthly Music Challenge 2.3 Intergalactic episode.

Join Andy and Nick (Cosmic Bos) as they make ammends for a rather massive faux par on their part, missing off a song from the list.

So firstly, a huge Sorry to Taylor Lidstone, Peoples Choice Award Winning artist and utter legend,...

Apr 6, 2024

Welcome fellow Space Babies, to the Monthly Music Challenge podcast with your hosts Cosmic Bos.

This episode is MMC 2.3 - Intergalactic.

The third theme for 2024, was Intergalactic, and fellow humans, you are in for an out of this world experience right here on this very podcast, that's right, we are space bound, with...

Feb 4, 2024

Welcome friends and lovers to the Monthly Music Challenge podcast with your hosts, Cosmic Bos.

This is the first proper episode of the second season of the Monthly Music Challenge, and it has grown somewhat since last year. 30 songs for you! that's right, 30 songs made around the theme of 'First Impressions', and...

Jan 1, 2024

Hello dear listener,

Welcome to the Monthly Music Challenge podcast with your hosts Cosmic Bos, they are Nick and Andy Jackson, brothers from the UK that make lots of music, and host this music challenge, monthly, in podcast form.

This is the introduction episode to the second year of the Monthly Music Challenge.


Dec 10, 2023

So peeps, Cosmic Bos (your hosts of the MMC) presented the Gold Awards for the awesome music sent in the the Monthly Music Challenge in 2023. That was the Best of 2023, 11 Gold Award winning artists of the indie music scene, taking on challenges with a time limit and making the crispiest Golden music known to earballs...