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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Jun 30, 2021

Clearly Designed - Cosmic Bos Improvisation

Ngoni - Joe Philogene

Electric Guitar - Nick Jackson

Acoustic Guitar and Vocals - Andy Jackson

After the deep thinking soul soothing antics of Ram Dass, it is time for the smokey wisdom of Cosmic Bos, with Joe using his Hunters Harp to hold the song together, Andy and Nick help build the tapestry. At the end of our musical/visual journey we are at our most burnt out, and beautiful colourful smoke carries our almost final musical opus away, the sun sets and the day is done, after the next one (Piñata of Troy).

The entire visual presentation is available on our YouTube page (please sub us, we Lub a good Sub)

Here are the lyrics which were written prior to the musical improv.

Clearly Designed - by Andy Jackson

Waiting out another cycle
Too many layers to this trifle
Clearly designed and built to shine
But socially easy to stifle

Wear the honour like a hat
There really is no shame in that
Clearly designed and made to shine
You’re the hipster coolest cat

Normally the normal me
Would embrace all that I can see
The signs are all designed clearly
Proving this ain’t reality

Save your memories in a chest
One day it will be all that’s left
Clearly refined preserved design
Testament to your dying breath

Normally the normal me
Gets swept up in catastrophe
Of late though I’ve designed clearly
A proclaimed self sufficiency

Systems trotted out and barely tested
Propping up the failed reinvested
A clear design fault finally been bested
Medal goes to third, the hairy chested

Normally the normal me
Gets glitched out by bad latency
On this occasion I’ll agree
To check this was designed clearly