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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

May 1, 2020


  1. Elevate a Little
  2. Passe Patterns
  3. Be What I Wanna Be
  4. Universal Translator
  5. Flashes
  6. Turning Tricks
  7. Get Your Coat
  8. All Weather Umbrella
  9. Knights of a Memoir
  10. Zen Levels of Chill

All music improvised by Chris Mace, Nick Jackson and Andy Jackson, with special guests Ashley Carter, Donny Stax and Charlie Gibbs

Revised and mastered by Chris Mace, Nick Jackson and Andy Jackson


So with the Cosmic Bos team all in lockdown an' that, it's been up to Treeeeeeeman to step in and provide the links for the songs an' that. It's all up in the branches where 10 improv songs will take your ears by surprise, and maybe nibble your ears like a squirrel.

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