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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Jan 1, 2019

Cosmic Bos


Episode 1: First Step

All music improvised by Chris Mace, Nick Jackson & Andy Jackson

All music revised and polished (musically speaking) by Chris Mace & Andy Jackson

Cosmic Bos like to make music, they do it a lot, sometimes they make that music up on the spot, sometimes it's awesome, sometimes it's not, but with a quick revisation it can still miss the chop. Here are the first 9 musical improvised treats for your ears enjoyment.

Episode contains the following songs: Walking Stereo; Special to Me; Haphazard; Frenchtronica; Back Alley Brides parts 1&2; Spacelegs; The Moon, the Emperor, the Devil & Me; and You know You know You Made it.

French language lesson from 'Frenchtronica' taken from the internet, it was the first site that came up with free download language lessons, go look them up if you want to learn some other languages.