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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Mar 1, 2020

Episode 11: Betting the Bottom Dollar


  1. Out of the Woods
  2. Quite Likely
  3. Funday 3
  4. New Roman Times
  5. Shopping Online
  6. The Maja Saga Pt.1 - Escape Plan
  7. The Maja Saga Pt.2 - On the Run
  8. The Maja Saga Pt.3 - Captured, Again?
  9. X Marks the Spot

All music improvised, revised, mixed and mastered by Chris Mace, Nick Jackson & Andy Jackson.

Beats for tracks 1 through 5 and track 9, provided by Quiet Pill Collective (check them out, they are awesome).

Hosted by Jethro & Jeffrey, and Nick. On this episode we go deep into Jeffrey's past for an exciting adventure, we get another one of Jethro's totally not made up games, and Nick tells us all about the Quiet Pill Collective. Also, we have the full Maja Saga, 3 tracks back to back that delve into the goings on of the tiny Swedish woman with perfect hair and her daring escape, it's a bit epic, you can bet your bottom dollar on this one! - Maja video link

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