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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Jun 1, 2019

Episode 5: Quest for ions

Track listing -

1. We are the Workers

2. Bob's Your Uncle

3. Hello Demons

4. Yo Yolo

5. Upward Trajectory

6. Imaginary Friends

7. Concrete Skyline

8. Llamas Lost Luggage

9. Witches Which

10. You Got Legs

11. Arms Around Me

12. Done

All music improvised by Ashley Carter, Chris Mace, Nick Jackson and Andy Jackson

Revised and Mastered by Chris Mace and Andy Jackson (and a bit of Nick Jackson action too)

In this episode, we go on a quest for ions, what are ions? We don't know, and we will all probably be non the wiser after an hour of improv music and silly chitter chatter. We do have a new feature though that we came up with, 'Mitch's Glitches' - a friend of ours, Mitch, can cross dimensions somehow, and he's reporting back to us from one of them, stick around to hear what he found.

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