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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Aug 14, 2019

Episode 7: On Yarway

Track Listing: 

1. Crazy-go-Round

2. Submarine Safety

3. Yarway

4. Prisoner of the Mind

5. Then They Did

6. Groove Jelly

7. Rivers Don't Rest

8. Future Me is Picking Up the Bill

9. Hanging Around

10. Moonbeam

All music improvised by Joe Philogene, Chris Mace, Nick Jackson & Andy Jackson.

Revised and Mastered by Chris Mace, Nick Jackson & Andy Jackson

This month, Jethro & Jeffrey ponder some deep philosophical topics (Health & Safety, Pea throwing, the meaning of Life), chat to Mitch the inter-dimensional banana about the future, all while weaving in and out of 10 new improv-revised tunes by Cosmic Bos.

The star of this episode is without a shadow of a doubt, the one, the only, Mr. Joseph Philogene. With the Ngoni giving us tracks 1,3,4,7 & 10, Fingerpiano on 9, and Frame Drums on 2,5,6 & 8, the musical flavours of the improvisations are rich, thoughtful and meditative.

Joe also sang, the first guest we've had to do so, on two tracks no less.

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