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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Oct 1, 2019

Track Listing:

1. Some Days  

2. On Display

3. Pocket Sized Stage

4. Outer Space Jazz

5. Box, Outside of Which Thinking is Occurring 

6. One Tiny Leap

7. One Two Seven

8. It's the Time of Year (for Alison Brie)

9. Over Before it Began

10. Come Get Lost

All music improvised by Charlie Gibbs, Paul Bradley, Chris Mace, Nick Jackson & Andy Jackson.

Revised and Mastered by Chris Mace, Nick Jackson & Andy Jackson

On this outing, our hosts Jethro & Jeffrey, must contend with the content police in the form of Super Producer and all round amazing human - Nick Jackson, with Mitch on the line at some point, the monkey duo attempt their usual shenanigans with Jethro's Emails, Jeffrey's Story, Mitch's Glitches and the usual waffling on about nonsense while trying to appease the overlords. Hooray!

With the full line up of Meta-Cassette present for this outing of the Cosmic Boscast, you are in for a ruddy treat I tell ya!

Check us out on all the social media and musical outlets, thanks for being amazing, we love you loads and loads.

Full album without the nonsense chatter is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc. Please share the love