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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Dec 1, 2019


  1. Satellite
  2. So Status
  3. Need a Little Know
  4. Shake Your Derriere
  5. Hold Me in Slow Motion
  6. Healin'
  7. Systems of Control
  8. The throwaway
  9. The Hanged Man
  10. Suzy's Blue Suede Zoo
  11. Sometimes, Time Goes Backwards
  12. Won't Turn You Down
  13. Game Over, Man

All music improvised, revised and mastered by Chris Mace, Nick Jackson & Andy Jackson

For the season finale, the Cosmic Bos chaps went it alone, without a guest. To end the crazy year of music making and releasing, Jethro and Jeffrey (the totally famous monkey's from YouTube) chat about Six S's, figuratively and literally with Nick.

The usual succulent segments shall surly satisfy several listeners, with Jeffrey's story, Jethro's emails, and a brand new game to play, it's a jam packed smorgasbord of silliness. Strap in, Settle down, Strutt some shapes, simply enjoy. #Where'sMitch?

Also check out - Dr.Bones and MikeFive bringing you fresh slabs of musical meatiness (or quorniness if you prefer) in podcast form. Tell them Cosmic Bos sent you to get 5% off your next enlightenment.

Peace out people, thanks for the support

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