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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Apr 1, 2022

Cosmic Bos present to you Improv Squared: Petite Champignon de Lumiere

Andy and Nick oversee the journey through the improvised (and then re-improvised) lands, with special guests : Joe Philogene (tracks 1,7 & 10), Dayne Howcroft (tracks 2 & 11), Chris Mace (tracks 5 & 6), Donny Stax (track 8), Ram Dass (track 10) and the Cosmic Bos Family Choir (track 1).

Album cover


  1. Champignon, Lumiere
  2. Faded Memories
  3. Astral Underwear
  4. Sir, France is 'cross the Sea, See
  5. Vaccine
  6. Back is Back
  7. Badder Decisions
  8. Magic Fun Guy
  9. Ensemble Story
  10. Talking Frog
  11. Forever Bruised

So what the heck is improv squared?

Well, it's where we improvise a bit of music, and then improvise over that, and then improv over it again. Sometimes we use pre-written lyrics as with Faded Memories (with lyrics by Dayne Howcroft), sometimes we write the lyrics later to go with the music (ala Back is Back), and other sometimes we work directly with an artist in co-creating the squared improv (ala Magic Fun Guy with Donny Stax). It's a wonderful new fun way to make music, and we want to share it with you.

If you are a musician or singer, or writer, and you would like to get involved with the Improv Squared shenanigans then please email us at and we can begin the musical merging process.

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