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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Jun 12, 2022

Cosmic Bos have offered up their podcasting space to present the Singles playlist in full, all 26 artists that submitted Singles from their Albums/EP's made in May.

From the Lights and Lines playlist:

Singles submitted as part of the Lights And Lines Album Writing Club. Independent artists from around the world signed up to write an album or an EP each in 1 month.

Each artist was also given the option to submit a single for one of the prizes which would be put to the public to vote on a favourite! Listen to the playlist and vote for your favourite here: VOTING FORM

Please don't judge anyone's work based on recording quality - We did not ask artists to master their projects for final release due to time restraints! Instead think about things like songwriting, instrumentation, creativity, and how it makes you feel πŸ˜€

The singles are ordered by date of submission, and amazingly there are lots of lovely accidental runs where tracks next to each other work really well together, forming sections and moods in the playlist that we probably couldn't have planned if we tried!

When you've voted why not share the playlist and ask some friends to do the same.

Well done to everyone who completed the challenge - you are awesome!

Soundcloud Playlist link

Here is the full list of artist and song -

  1. Trench Gun - Bayonet Ballet
  2. Chris Hardy World - Wait and See
  3. Pulses - Go Faster
  4. Andrew Hartshorn - No Mr Bond
  5. Mikey J - My Little Dragon Girl
  6. Fateful Five (Kiffie and co.) - Pefect Choice
  7. Rae Cameron - Look How Far We've Come
  8. Age of Infernal - Web of Lies
  9. RebelTramp - Wavetashia
  11. The MAW Experiment - Smoke Rising
  12. Elbrook Court - Seventy Four Percent
  13. Mike Five - 3pm
  14. We Walk The Earth - I Am Hollow
  15. nwcalhoun - Bumblebeasy
  16. Chucky Trading Co - Psychopath Cool (acoustic)
  17. One Final Mountain - Compass (Among The Worst)
  18. Aye Nevo - IntotheUnknown
  19. Johny Nocash - Over And Over - Schafernaker
  20. Voltage Poetry Project - Oostende 80
  21. A Sea Warren - Jungle Was Massive (Phase I)
  22. Cosmic Bos - Isle of Avalon
  23. James Kevin Plant - Heavy
  24. Steve McGrady - Every Mistake
  25. jpeck - Old Misery
  26. Func(X) - Zero Tolerance

Wowza! That's allotta spicy music right there! Please go vote for your favourites, you can vote for multiple songs, just not the same song multiple times. 

Thanks for listening, please like, share and subscribe to our show, and go check out the Lights and Lines Website for updates on their shenanigans

Voting Form Again just incase you missed it