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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Apr 24, 2021

Like Minded - Cosmic Bos Improvisation

Coming on the 1st May 2021,  Cosmic Bos Improvisation - a full set of improvised music containing thought provoking lyrics and mini lectures by the wonderful Terence McKenna and Robert Anton Wilson.

Like Minded is the third song from the album, with Joe Philogene on Ngoni, Nick Jackson on Electric Guitar and Andy Jackson on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals.

Like Minded Lyrics by Andy Jackson 

Be like the flow of the river, like the wind to the bee

And if that doesn't work, try being more like me

Be smart as a sweetie, avoid all hefty fees

Although paper does, money don't come from trees

Remember to always forget, Your role isn't quite over yet

Like a clerk in an office, or the girl out to sea

Lonely, if only, they could be here with me

Remember to always forget, your meal isn't quite ready yet

Like rust in the workings, or sun bleached tapestry

Forget to remember, what a memory can be

Remember to always forget, you're worth more then you'll ever get

Like radio silence on the TV, like visual radioactivity

The passive aggressions, and stark futility

Remember to always forget, somehow it all can reset

Remember to always forget, your meal still isn't ready yet