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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Jan 31, 2022

How does one make an album?

That is the question at the heart of this special podcast presentation, and Nick & Andy from Cosmic Bos are going to break it down for you, from writing the songs, to demo stage, full recording and producing, before tackling making music videos and finally releasing the finished album.

It will hopefully be a wonderful experience for all, and we shall learn along the journey together.

What qualifies you to be doing this Making of an Album series? I've never heard of you!

A fine question indeed, and true, that Cosmic Bos is not exactly a well known musical outfit, but in our defence, we have been making music for a long time, with over 20 albums of improvised/revised music available and several other proper albums sprinkled through our past.

Cosmic Bos came into existence back in 2016, and we released our debut album '7 Billion' in 2017, which has been followed by 3 Seasons of Improvised music podcasting.

In 2021 Cosmic Bos released 'Virtual Normality' EP, a 5 track proper record, that was designed as the taster for this very Album of a Making podcast project.

All music featured in this podcast was made by Cosmic Bos and is available to hear, or if you can afford it, buy, at all good online musical stores.

Tracklist for Episode 1 : Introduction

  1. Faded Memories
  2. Take it Easier (from 'Virtual Normality' EP)
  3. Ride Another Wave (from 'Virtual Normality' EP)
  4. Where the Warp-zones Are (from '7 Billion')
  5. Let's Go Dancing (from 'Ep.14: Utopia in a Cornucopia')
  6. Ensemble Story

Both Faded Memories & Ensemble Story come from our upcoming new Improvalbum and are both available now.

Check out the videos for them in our podcast feed and on our youtube (or instagram if that's your thang)

Faded Memories on YouTube

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Peace and infinite love

Cosmic Bos