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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Feb 5, 2023

Welcome to the Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Episode 1.1 - New Beginnings

@CosmicBos have a wonderful show for you here, the opening tracks to some potentially groundbreaking albums, 17 songs on the slate from a plethora of music makers. 

Nick and Andy take you through the New Beginnings songs, and Spoiler Alert! They are awesome.

#NewBeginnings Songs

  1. Nude Beginnings (Monthly version) - Cosmic Bos
  2. Letters from Home - Trench Gun
  3. New Beginnings - Peter Hawkey
  4. Starting Over - Steve 3rd Echo Sounds
  5. New Beginnings - Hellwaddler
  6. Phoenix Rising - Andrew Hartshorn
  7. New Beginnings - The Word Alchemist (and Cosmic Bos)
  8. New Beginnings - ASeaWarren

What a lineup! Go check out all these wonderful musicians on the socials, tell them how awesome they are.

If that wasn't enough, we opened up the floor to the other hashtags for the month run by @MusicWeeklies (go check out our partners in crime on this musical adventure) on Twitter

The other hashtags for the month were

#Pixels Songs

  • 9. One Pixel at a Time - Cosmic Bos
  • 10. Pixel - Aaliya Mondesir Lovely Mango
  • 11. Pixels - Hellwaddler

#Geisha Songs

  • 12. The Geisha Song - Cosmic Bos
  • 13. The Mystery Summer Geisha - Hidama
  • 14. Curse of the Geisha - Hellwaddler

#Industrial Songs

  • 15. Industrial - Scowsh Molosh
  • 16. Industrial - Hellwaddler
  • 17. We Worked Hard for You - Cosmic Bos

A massive thank you to all the artists that submitted to this episode, you are amazing and we are really excited to see where your Monthly Music Challenge album goes.

The hashtag for episode 1.2 is #Escape

So get writing your escape songs now, go, have a Pina Colada (wink, wink), come up with a catchy hook.

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