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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Mar 5, 2023

Welcome to the Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Episode 1.2 - Escape

Cosmic Bos (Nick and Andy Jackson) are here to guide you through the wonderfully creative set of 25 songs (that's right! 25 chooons for you) all built around the hashtags of Feb 2023 (#Escape, #Freedom, #StandOut & #Family)set by the wonderful peeps of Music Weeklies (check out the community on Twitter) favouring the first one of course, as that is the monthly challenge.

Before we delve deep into this bag of music, so you know what the challenge is for March, the next episode will be MMC 1.3 - #Ignorance - so get writing your ignorance songs to submit to the podcast, closing date 7th April. Okay, business out the way, let's get down to, err, business.

Escape songs

  • 1. Make Good Our Escape (Monthly version) - Cosmic Bos
  • 2. Break Out - Trench Gun
  • 3. Escape - Peter Hawkey
  • 4. Run - Steve 3rd Echo Sounds
  • 5. Scrambling Free - Graham Casey
  • 6. Escape - Scowsh Molosh
  • 7. Escape - Mobidextrous
  • 8. How to Stop Time - Stefan Bohacek
  • 9. Dance (Escape the Week) - Mijimo
  • 10. Endure and Survive - Aaliya Mondesir (Lovely Mango)
  • 11. Escape - ASeaWarren
  • 12. The Fall of Icarus - Andrew Hartshorn
  • 13. Escapist - Notehead
  • 14. 7749 - Hellwaddler

Wowsa! What a line up! Some returning players and some newbies to the MMC, go check out all these amazing artists on Twitter.

Freedom songs

  • 15. But What Does Freedom Mean? - Cosmic Bos
  • 16. Disenfranchised - Trench Gun
  • 17. Watching the Sky - Hellwaddler
  • 18. Price of Freedom is Death - Stefan Bohacek

StandOut songs

  • 19. Stand Out - Cosmic Bos
  • 20. Stand Out There - David Patterson
  • 21. Out Standing - Cosmic Bos

Family songs

  • 22. Muwee Family Nintendo tracker - Scowsh Molosh
  • 23. Family Plan - Mobidextrous
  • 24. Family Tree - Cosmic Bos

And that's all the hashtag songs, Outer Galactic shout out to all the amazing musicians that sent in their tracks, you guys are awesome and we love all of you, let's spread the word and get even more creative, talented musicians involved.

We added a little bonus feature to the end of this show too, as we are evolving this idea and watching it take shape. We were asked by The Word Alchemist to do an instrumental version of one of Nick's older songs, which we did, and then it seemed only natural to add the vocal and before we knew it we had a fully finished song.

So, we launch this new feature into the Monthly Music Challenge by in which, if the inspiration from the hashtag of the month isn't grabbing you, you can raid your musical archive and spruce up, rework or simply redo something from your songbook, we are calling this section 

FromTheSongbook songs

And Cosmic Bos are going first with this, so here's the first entry to the Songbook section of the MMC

  • 25. Heart Holder - Cosmic Bos

Heart Holder was originally recorded by Cosmic Bos as part of a special presentation in Season 2 of our podcast, and it's a totally banger, with Nick taking the lead vocal and the guitars pumping it all up. It was fun doing a proper recording of it, and as is the usual Bos way, we will see where this feature goes, we have plenty of songs in our own songbooks which may appear here...

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Coming Up Next Month is Monthly Music Challenge 1.3 - Ignorance

Peace and infinite love

Cosmic Bos