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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Aug 2, 2022

Money Pwease - Cosmic Bos

from the upcoming album

2 A.M, it's Mission Time

Coming 19th August 2022

Andy and Nick ponder the big question on everyones mind, how do we get money? As musicians, it's a tough one indeed, no one wants to part their hard earned money for music anymore, it truly isn't like the good old days when people actually spent money on music. But it isn't only music that has suffered, all the art forms have really, and the door has been opened up for the demons to come and sell us on a great many dreams, salvation and freedom are just round this corner right here, but you can't go just yet, you have to give us the money pwease.

The song title is the catchphrase of Mona-lisa from Parks and Recreation, one of the greatest shows ever made. 

You can give us money over on bandcamp

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