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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Aug 26, 2022

The opening track to Cosmic Bos 2 A.M, it's Mission Time
Written and recorded by Andy & Nick Jackson

Available to buy on bandcamp

2 A.M, it's Mission Time was made as part of the Lights and Lines Album Writing Challenge from May 2022. Cosmic Bos submitted a 12 track album and were lucky enough to pick up a Judges Choice Award for their efforts.

The song that kicks the record off is Re:Mission, and it is about Cosmic Bos taking up the challenge, and pulling their socks up to get it done, Mission Time style.

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Here are the lyrics :)

RE:MISSION - by Andy Jackson

We’ve got a world to save, it won’t save itself
It’s mission time, put down the wine
The only cause worth fighting for
Nature calls we can’t ignore
The ceilings glass but so’s the floor

Stop conserving superstitions
Evolution in remission, switch position
Mind expanding new decisions
Hope can soon be in remission, it will be okay
But I’m not promising anything

Economic crisis looming from tiktok booming
We stopped consuming
Constant resourcing from dwindling sources
Held together with glue from horses

Stop conserving superstitions
Evolution in remission, quick petition
Mind expanding fresh decisions
Gia could soon be in remission, she will be okay
But for us, it’s too soon to tell

We can choose between help or oh well
The garden of Eden or the gates of Hell
The myth is we’re powerless and under their spell
But truth be told, we are bold, out of our shell

Stop preserving superstitions
Evolution in remission, no commission
Mind expansive clear decisions
Love could well be in remission, new nutrition
Stop in-sighting inquisitions
Growth through learning, is our mission, best position
Mind expanding not demanding
Get your hand in, reply mission, oh yes I’m in