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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Apr 9, 2022

Cosmic Bos presents 'Sir, France is 'cross the Sea, See'

Music by Nick and Andy Jackson

Lyrics by Andy Jackson and Google Translate

So we had this song, where it is half in French and half in English, and it's pretty silly, but also educational in some sense, and as fans of the Euro experiment (please don't Boo!) and in particular the melting pot of ideas and life approaches that it welcomed, we wanted to make a video that honoured the fine culture and history of France, and more accurately, the unfair way that British people judge the French. We approached a good friend, Dean, and asked him to translate the lyrics into sign language, which he did amazingly. So now what we have is a Eurotrash inspired music video with a 'find the baby' game, a language lesson and a sign language lesson, all rolled up into one musical joint.

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How many Theo's did you find?