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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Nov 19, 2022

Welcome fellow traveller,

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You have reached the hub of the Cosmic Bos multiverse and begin your journey down the second of our Virtual Normality tours. Last time, we explored Space with Babies, chilled out, stayed inside and then ended with a birth. 

So a year later, Cosmic Bos have decided to take you on a different journey. For this year (2022) has been an exploration of songwriting, in it's many varied forms, as well as Cosmic Bos collaborating with other types of musicians to explore music further.

Back in August '22, Andy started taking part in a weekly music challenge that is run primary from Twitter, where each week a hashtag is set and you have one week to make an original piece of music on theme (big thanks to Trench Gun for hooking us in).

To start with Andy didn't take it very seriously, but a few weeks in it was becoming exciting trying to write the best song possible within the very loose restrictions.

So play along with the episode and try and Guess the Hashtag to 4 of the songs, and be WOW'ed by False Promises (Cosmic Bos Mix) by Andrew Hartshorn ft. Natalie Williams Calhoun. The move towards orchestration is a spoiler alert for next year.

Full track listing for Virtual Normality 2

  1. Morning Coffee
  2. Burning Rings of Power
  3. Nun in a Kayak
  4. False Promises (Cosmic Bos Mix) - Andrew Hartshorn ft. Natalie Williams Calhoun
  5. Spaceship Earth

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