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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

May 21, 2021

Here we present to you an idea that has been banging around for quite a while now, an improvised musical journey with a wise speaker over the top, and where better to start such an idea then with the one and only Terence McKenna.

So for your wisdom today, Cosmic Bos Improvisation presents

Words of Wisdom 1: Terence McKenna and Mark Pesce

The Terence and Mark sample is taken from an awesome podcast called the Psychedelic Salon, which has been around for a long time, putting out amazing talks by some brilliant and insightful minds.

Link to the full talk here Psychedelic Salon podcast Ep.116 Techno pagans at the end of history

Humanity stands at a pivotal point in history, the now moment is changing so rapidly that it appears impossible to have a grasp on reality, we have all been hoodwinked and are stumbling around dazed and confused, but not to worry, for clarity comes once dust settles and calm befalls us all, for the storm can not rage forever, and hate eventually gets tired and goes to sleep for a bit.
Thank you for spending some of your time with us here at the Cosmic Blog, you are wonderful and great things will happen for you, so go get it Tiger (I am obviously assuming that the main audience base for this blog is large cat based, skewing towards Lions, Tigers, Panthers etc. as well as domesticated felines of course, this is for the cats).

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This has been an excerpt from Cosmic Bos Improvisation 1: Soundscapes in the Moment, available in this very podcast feed