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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

May 1, 2019

Cosmic Bos - From the Vault

1. Keep Me Moving (C.Mace)

2. Crouching Singer, Hidden Microphone (C.Mace)

3. Live Up There (Donny Stax & A.Jackson)

4. If the Aliens Come (C.Mace & N.Jackson)

5. Weta (Meta-Cassette)

6. By Your Side (N.Jackson)

7. Hijinx (A.Jackson)

8. Let Your Love Rain on Me (C.Mace & N.Jackson)

9. Backbone (C.Mace & A.Jackson)

10. Rainbow Warrior (C.Mace)

All songs mastered by Chris Mace

Cosmic Bos have amassed a vast array of music over the years, some of it ready to release, some of it just musical sketches in the soundsand. Here for your listening pleasure are 10 songs from our archives. Email if you want