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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Aug 1, 2021

Improvisation 3: Summadelica


  1. Ideas
  2. Space Babies
  3. On the Take
  4. Frantic Pedantic
  5. Precious Moments
  6. Words of Wisdom 5: Charlie Chaplin
  7. Rainbow Appearing
  8. Perfect Summer Day
  9. Words of Wisdom 6: Nelson Mandela
  10. Hold On a Little Longer
  11. The Things
  12. Words of Wisdom 7: Greta Thunberg
  13. Pleased, pleased, pleased, with what I've got
  14. Words of Wisdom 8: Ram Dass
  15. Moral Compass

All music improvised by Cosmic Bos

Joe Philogene - Percussion, Ngoni and various instruments

Nick Jackson - Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Synth and Vocals

Andy Jackson - Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Synth and Vocals

On the 5th June 2021, Cosmic Bos met at a secret location to record the third in their fully improvised series, with a book full of pre-written lyrics and plenty of snacks. It was a wonderful afternoon of musical exploration, and here for your pleasure is the whole thing, including some of the intros and outros that usually get cut off.

The words of wisdoms for this episode where lovingly borrowed from YouTube, with Charlie Chaplin's speech being from the film The Great Dictator (1940) and available on youtube many times, with music accompanying it. Nelson Mandela's speech from his release from prison in 1990 also comes from youtube and shares far to many similarities to Chaplin's speech from 50 years before. Which leads us to Greta Thunberg from December 2019 addressing the UN on Climate Change, with echos of both Chaplin and Mandela.

So as not to feel too down and out about the state of the world and the people that patrol it, the final Words of Wisdom comes from Ram Dass, an ever reliable source of great wisdom. The full Ram Dass speech can be found on the Here and Now podcast, link to the specific episode right here.

All music and lyrics by Cosmic Bos 2021

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Peace and infinite love

Cosmic Bos