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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Feb 10, 2023

Hello friends,

So the Monthly Music Challenge is well on it's way now, into the second hashtag (#Escape if you weren't aware), and the challenge is coming to a close for the music makers of the Music Weeklies, there has been some excellent submissions to the MMC from that bunch (looking at you Trench Gun), and all you other music makers that need a bit more time, you still have until the 3rd March to submit your songs to the podcast.

As for this song, the one that is this little bitesize podcast, Nick and I (Andy) worked out some guitar at the weekend, I then recorded a musical outline (using just 3 guitars), put some drum loops in, wrote the lyric, sung the lyric, released the video to the music weeklies world. 

The song is about being ready to escape when things go bad, and getting out together, not leaving anyone behind. For all the crazy in the world, it's not a problem if we can make good our escape.

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And send your Escape songs to us before the 3rd of March 2023.