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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

May 8, 2021

Not Babylon or Rome - Cosmic Bos Improvisation

Visual meditation for you with a sunrise and a sunset merged over the original footage of Nick Jackson, Joe Philogene. and Andy Jackson when they improvised the song.

Peace be the Journey friends


It was fun while it lasted
Just the one more , I’m plastered
Pickled mind you take your tears home
These gardens aren’t Babylon or Rome

Escaping the rooms of your mind
Demons have gone and redesigned
Take all those failings, chain them to the railings
This isn’t Babylon or Rome

Statues of virtually anyone’s victory
Carvings itself over all of our history
Devilish details hiding in old tales
Cast down from Babylon and Rome

You’ll reach these conclusions on your own
This was never Babylon or Rome