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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Apr 14, 2023

Hello music lover,

Welcome to this special presentation podcast all about Monochrome Motif records new album coming out 22nd April 2023 - Poseidon's realm by the monochrome assembly

Order your copy right now from the above link.

To celebrate Monochrome Motif Records first birthday, Andrew Hartshorn (Label manager) put together a super musical team of ultra talented musicians to take on the mammoth task of concurring Poseidon's realm, and Spoiler Alert, the assembled musical masters took it to the depths.

Here's a quick word from the boss himself - Andrew Hartshorn

Re: Poseidon launch

Really pleased with how the launch has gone with lots of listens across the board for the preview tracks that are part of the preorder. 

A big thank you to everyone who has already placed a pre order for the download and the limited edition CD.

As we already have the stock, all pre ordered CD's will be posted immediately so it means you get to hear the tracks prior to the official launch date of 22nd April.

By purchasing the album ( ) it will support our ambitious plans for the forthcoming year with a further 7 albums currently scheduled.

And finally a massive thank you to all the artists, for their time, skill and enthusiasm for the project

- Andrew Hartshorn (Monochrome Motif Label Manager)

Thank you Andrew for the update, now on with the preview show

There are 6 preview songs from Poseidon's realm here for your listening pleasure: and the running order is as such

  • 1. The Lighthouse (Andrew Hartshorn, Natalie Williams Calhoun and A Sea Warren)
  • 2. it's Between me and the sea (Andrew Hartshorn and Cosmic Bos)
  • 3. Drowned (A Sea Warren)
  • 4. Painted Ship on a Painted Ocean (Alexa Thanos & Sean Ettlin)
  • 5. The Siren's Lament (Dan Johnson - Age of Infernal)
  • 6. The Last Glacier (Hipster Pug)

The full album has 7 other songs that complete this unique and wonderful celebration record, which, let's face it, you really should get a copy for your collection, maybe buy two so you have a backup if one gets broken by squirrels (trust me, it's a serious problem in some parts of the world)

Full bio's of all the members of the Monochrome Assembly can be heard in this preview podcast. The full members roster for the monochrome assembly is Andrew Hartshorn, Natalie Williams Calhoun, A Sea Warren, Cosmic Bos, Dan Johnson (Age of Infernal), Hipster Pug and Alexa Thanos & Sean Ettlin. 

Don't forget to visit the bandcamp page and get your copy today 

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Thank you for your time, hope you enjoy all this amaze-ball music, and pick up a copy of the full album. Have a great lunch

Peace and infinite love

Cosmic Bos