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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

Jul 24, 2021

Space Babies - Cosmic Bos (Official Music Video)

Taken from Cosmic Bos Improvisation 3: Summadelica

Music improvised by Joe Philogene (Percussion), Nick Jackson (Electric Guitar and Synth) and Andy Jackson (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals)

Video starring Theodore Jackson as Space Baby and Andrea Jackson as Space Baby Momma 

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Space Babies - lyrics by Andy Jackson

Flying through space
Feel no air at my waist
The pressures are gone
Freedom swims along

Mental elevation
Whole worlds shall dissolve
New empires unfold

It’s a game, we’re just playing
It’s a laugh, we’re all staying
These dragons all need slaying
We need truth, I’m just saying

Flying through space
Like a babies first taste
No sense letting the pressure
Stop exploring together

Create greater nations
Cooperating peacefully
Will be achieved eventually

It’s a game, we the players
It’s quite hard, entertain us
These dragons sent for slaying
Are our reason for staying

Space, need plenty of space
Babies gotta taste
For that infinite space


No Babies or Cows were adversely affected during the making of this video, however, one of the cows did spontaneously turn inside out yesterday, but that was nothing to do with the video, purely coincidental.

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