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Monthly Music Challenge with Cosmic Bos

May 27, 2021

So friends,

Here we present to you the second in our Words of Wisdom series, the one and only Mr. Robert Anton Wilson.
Cosmic Bos improvised some music, then put this sample of RAW on top.

The Robert Anton Wilson clip is taken from the Psychedelic Salon, link to the unmusical version here Anton Wilson

WoW 2 is taken from Cosmic Bos Improvisation 1: Soundscapes in the Moment
Available everywhere at the moment, you can even find the whole thing right here in our podcast feed, which is the best place to hear it without adverts and such.

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Also comment, let's get a discussion going over the topics that Wilson was discussing all those years ago, and how relevant they still are to this day.

Also big plug for Prometheus Rising, the book RAW talks about early on in the piece. It's an amazing book and well worth your time.

Church of the subgenus, Praise Bob! Hail Eris!
Beware the Fnords, they are everywhere

#Wordsofwisdom #RobertAntonWilson #CosmicBos

We hope that our musical fusion with these words of wisdom help to make some of the ideas more palatable to the mind, when you stimulate multiple parts of the brain at the same time you can have some truly astounding effects, building new neural pathways and strengthening your ability to think.

So be wise and listen to the whole thing, it may have a profound effect.

Peace and infinite love
Cosmic Bos